The Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology provides courses in medical pharmacology in the third and fourth year of Master’s degree in general and dental medicine in Czech and English language. Lectures are held in seminars at UNIMEC (the new building of the University Medical Center).

Teachers are authors, co-authors and reviewers of the script and a nationwide textbook for pharmacologists. The workplace is involved in the creation of e-learning teaching materials within the framework of the cooperation of the Czech medical faculties in the MEFANET educational network of Czech and Slovak physicians, which aims to modernize the teaching of medical and health care disciplines.

LFP students are also using the Moodle e-learning portal in both semesters. In both seminar rooms there are computers for students. PC programs have been purchased and updated from funding tools to simulate the pharmacological effects of substances and evaluate drug levels in the human body. The programs are suitable for undergraduate and postgraduate students.